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Ashley Rivera

For Ashley, it all started in church choir. As a young girl, Ashley sang and performed in numerous plays where she held the lead role. Her love for music grew to making her own mixed tapes, this was well before CDs and MP3s. 


Ashley was introduced to hospitality in high school and she pursued a career in the hospitality field, which led her to the events industry. While working as an Event Sales Manager, Ashley planned and hosted numerous weddings and corporate events. It was at this time she was introduced to Invisible Touch and their DJ school. Music has always been her biggest passion and the opportunity to marry her experience with her passion was a dream come true.


At the time, Ashley was the only female DJ and MC with Invisible Touch and it opened the door for her to perform on the main stage at Downtown Disney as a Dueling DJ. Since then, Ashley has performed at Tomorrowland Terrace in shows such as "Pixar Pals Dance Party", "Goofy's Holiday Dance Party", and ""Get Your Ears on Dance Party". In California Adventure, she has DJ'd Gradnite and "Backlot Dance Party". Outside of Disney, she has DJ'd and emceed numerous weddings and corporate events for organizations such as the National Charity League.


If you're looking for someone with a passion for music and experience in event production, Ashley is a great choice for you!

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