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Eddie Cueva


Eddie Cueva has a deep-rooted passion for music that started with his family. Both sides of his family were immersed in music as his father was one of 17 children and often his many uncles would come to his house to play and record music for hours and he never remembered a period of his life his mother stopped singing as she would sing to him and as a part of choirs. Eddie started to learn his mother’s favorite songs and started to sing with her as a way to connect. He was always surrounded by cousins, uncles and aunts who were singers, actors and entertainers. However, Eddie’s brother started his true passion for DJ-ing when he would take Eddie to record shops to find the gems that laid within. Eddie started to borrow his brother’s equipment in high school to practice mixing and as he grew so did his skills and love for DJ-ing.

Since joining Invisible Touch, Eddie’s have only grown further and he has become not only a master DJ but MC as well and excels at hosting high-energy and fun-filled events. Eddie works with every client to ensure that their dreams and inspirations are executed perfectly.

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