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Edwin De Leon


Born and raised in Long Beach, a city with a musical influence that has been fely worldwide, helped impact and shape Edwin into the phenomenal DJ he is today. Edwin has impressive background DJ-ing for large companies such as Disney to numerous residencies at Top 100 USA Nightclub rated establishments that he still holds today in LA & OC. He has been booked from coast to coast and has been an opening act for large performers and DJs such as DJ Vice.

Edwin’s love for music started with his passion for various musical instruments evolving into much more as soon as he touched a pair of turn tables. Edwin has been DJ-ing for almost a decade and his style is an infusion of smooth funk with crisp transitions. This makes him an outstanding DJ that is able to mix for any crowd at any venue from a wedding to festivals. Not only is he versatile musically, Edwin is linguistically versatile as well being fluent in Spanish. Edwin’s fun-loving and friendly personality ensures that everyone at your event will be at east and enjoying every moment.

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