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Mary Calamba

Music and entertainment has always been a huge part of Mary’s life.  She has joined exhibition dance teams, women’s choir, high school musical theater, and theater projects at the Claire Trevor School of the Arts at UC Irvine. As a young girl, Mary has always been influenced by her family’s singing talents and inspiration for pop artists, such as Mariah Carey, Celine Dion, and Abba. Throughout her life, she developed the love for Hip Hip, R&B, classic rock, oldies, and many more. 

Because Mary has always been heavily influenced by music, being a DJ was an additional outlet for her music knowledge. She always had the curiosity and willingness to learn and being part of Invisible Touch Events has been a journey. Mary joined Invisible Touch Events to open up new opportunities to improve her skills as both Masters of Ceremony and DJ. Mary is not a shy person when it comes to being in the spotlight but her passion for entertainment truly comes from making sure everyone is having an enjoyable time and lasting memories through music. She is keen on gauging vibes and energy and letting that dictate the music selection.


Mary has worked at many wedding events, company parties, birthday celebrations, school dances, and other fun events. Each event comes with different visions which has molded Mary to be a flexible and versatile DJ. Mary’s music tastes, entertainment skills, natural beauty, and a fun personality are aspects of Mary’s down to earth DJ persona

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