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Sean Gallagher

“Music would make this better.”

That’s the instinct that has propelled Sean Gallagher into countless unlikely situations. At his tiny Texan high school, he insisted on bringing a single snare drum to football games until the school relented and funded a full drumline, which he captained and which still thrives after fourteen years. It’s what diverted him from plans of a business degree to studying music technology at USC, where he swears he was admitted without the help of Lori Loughlin. It’s why he never leaves home without a full compliment of audio gear—because life comes at you fast, and so should the soundtrack.

It’s also why he’s spent over a decade learning not just thousands of songs, but the arts of audio engineering, singing, acting and bandleading. When a moment calls for the perfect tune, Sean can deliver it via DJ platters, a custom-tailored live band, or as a lone troubador wielding a keyboard and his jazz-baritone crooning voice. All the while, he’s ready to construct a timeline with surgical attention, wrangle a wild bridal party, and guide your guests through a seamless evening as a full-service emcee.


Sean does all of these things because it’s not just about the music, but about the way the music (and the program, and the lighting, and the food) underscores the real show—a priceless memory for you and your guests to share.

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