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Trevor Salse

Trevor Salse is a man of many talents-at Invisible Touch he can truly do it all. Trevor not only is an expert DJ but also a highly-trained MC and light designer; he touches every part of event production with a skilled hand and calm mind. He has worked at events for some of the biggest companies in the nation such as Nike, Universal, Ritz Carlton, and many others.

Trevor has a widely varied taste in music making him uniquely able to connect and understand many different clients’ needs and wants. He can easily mix to accommodate crowds of any age, culture and style as well as combine to entertain any combination of the previously mentioned. Any event that Trevor hosts is sure to be an unforgettable experience.


As a Southern Californian native, he is a man of many experiences beyond music. Trevor enjoys being a foodie and exploring new arts and music that come to visit our diverse area. His favorite hobby to do while not DJ-ing is to cook and likens it to DJ-ing in how a master chef and DJ must both learn how to bring the right amount of any ingredient into a recipe to make sure the end result is unforgettable and utterly enjoyable.

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